chain of responsibility

Heavy Vehicle National Law

Chain of Responsibility training for everyone involved in heavy vehicle transport operations.

Operators, owners, drivers, consignors, consignees, loaders, unloaders, schedulers, fleet managers, operations managers, packers, contractors, can all benefit from knowing more about their duties for compliance with the Chain of Responsibility requirements in the Heavy Vehicle National Law.

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what does cor mean?

Anyone with influence or control over transport operations has a duty under Chain of Responsibility.
Important for safety of workers, the public and property.
Comply with road rules and Heavy Vehicle National Law.

Duties and responsibilities

Who has duties under Chain of Responsibility.
The named parties under COR.
What are their duties?

transport activities

Safe load restraint
Fatigue management
Speed control
Vehicle dimension and mass limits
Vehicle safety standards

business practices

Decision making
Policies and procedures
Prohibited contracts
Contractor management
Fit for Duty
Vehicle Safety

risk management

A requirement under the Heavy Vehicle National Law
Identify hazards
Risk analysis
Elimination and the hierarchy of control
Apply risk controls

quiz and certificate

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