Crisis Management
If a Crisis occurs, are you prepared?


Cyber attack, System failure, environmental disaster, product recall, sabotage, extortion, scandal, political argument, legal charges, fraud, fire, flood, storm damage, natural disaster, industrial accident, death of a worker.  Fortunately these events don’t occur often.  When they do, the effects can be devastating for the operations and reputation of the organisation, and the people involved.

In the event that the worst does happen, the value of preparedness cannot be over-estimated.  The organisation needs to be ready to swing into recovery mode, the people involved need to be supported, and the reputation of the organisation needs to be preserved by effective communication with the media and relevant stakeholders.    Managers need to be prepared to deal with the concerns of stakeholders, and handle media contact calmly and professionally.

Timing:  2.5 hour workshop

Who should attend:

The course is aimed at Managers, Directors, Operations Managers, and PR personnel of organisations who would become involved in the management of a crisis and/or organizational recovery from crisis.

Workshop Overview: 

  • Risk assessment of possible causes of crisis
  • Analysing the risk to operations, employees, customers, suppliers, the public, and the reputation of the organisation and its managers.
  • Prioritising key risk areas for preparation and risk mitigation
  • Forming a crisis management team, developing a crisis plan and setting up a crisis control centre
  • Avoiding common mistakes – avoidance, denial, ignorance, blame
  • Media monitoring and media training
  • Case studies – Organisations getting it right, organisations getting it wrong
  • Questions and scenarios