Emergency Procedures
The Time to Prepare is NOW


Organisations must ensure they prepare and maintain emergency plans for a workplace, as required under the WHS Act and regulation 43 of WHS regulations in SA.

All workers and managers must be trained in emergency procedures so that they are prepared to act swiftly and appropriately in case of an emergency situation arising.  The time to train and prepare is now – before an emergency happens.

Timing:  1 hour workshop

Who should attend:  All workers, contractors, supervisors and managers concerned about maintaining a safe workplace, and being prepared for an emergency.

Workshop Overview: 

  • Developing a written emergency plan
  • Types of emergencies
  • Risk assessment
  • High risk workplaces
  • Emergency response, evacuation
  • Contact emergency services
  • Apply first aid
  • Effective communications during an emergency
  • Testing emergency procedures, training, work instructions, consultation and information for workers
  • Reporting and review procedures
  • Questions and scenarios