Incident Investigation and Reporting
Are you prepared to respond when an incident happens?


When a serious incident has occurred in a workplace, the organisation (PCBU) has a legal obligation to investigate and report to Safework SA.

Certain types of incidents are mandatory notifiable incidents, under the WHS Act.

It is important for maintaining a safe workplace, that incidents are promptly investigated and the causes identified, so that plans can be made to avoid a similar incident occurring in the future.

Penalties apply for non-compliance under the WHS Act and Regulations.

Timing:  1 hour workshop

Who should attend:  All workers, contractors, HSR’s, supervisors and managers concerned about improving workplace safety through effective investigation of incidents and injuries.   Those who are responsible for reporting workplace incidents and injuries.

Workshop Overview: 

  • Types of incidents, accidents, injuries and fatalities. Identify hazards, assess risks, control risks, review control measures, incident response – first aid and getting help for injured workers.
  • Investigation procedures, securing the scene, preserving evidence, co-operation with emergency services, Safework SA Investigators, safety specialists.
  • Incident notification – which incidents are mandatory notifiable?  When, how to notify Safework SA, recording and gathering evidence, details of the event, witness statements, use of records.
  • Reporting, follow-up and outcome of incident.
  • Obligations under WHS Act and Regulations, penalties for non-compliance.
  • Questions and scenarios.