WHS Consultation
Safety Outcomes Improve with Worker Consultation


Consultation with the workers who are doing the job will ensure the best possible safety outcomes, and create an environment where workers and managers can work together to build a safety culture.

Under the WHS Act, organisations (PCBU’s) are required to consult with workers on safety issues in the workplace.

Timing:  1 hour workshop

Who should attend:  Workers, supervisors and managers concerned about maintaining a healthy and safe workplace through consultation and working towards effective safety outcomes.

Workshop Overview: 

  • Benefits of consultation with workers to improve safety solutions, reduce injuries, reduce costs and downtime, improve worker commitment and relationships.
  • Where to start, and the steps towards building consultation processes.
  • Working together to identify hazards and risks, develop safety policies and procedures, resolve issues, and organise training.
  • Methods of consultation – informal discussions, toolbox meetings, safety committees, health & safety representatives (HSR’s).
  • Setting up compliant health & safety representation (HSR’s).
  • Encouraging involvement and developing a safety culture.
  • Questions and scenarios