Navigating South Australia’s New Psychosocial Risks Legislation

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On 25 December 2023, changes to the regulations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 came into effect to help workers and employers manage the risk of psychological injuries and illnesses in workplaces. A multidisciplinary workshop, “Working Together to Address Psychosocial Risks,” gathered 118 leaders from 44 public sector agencies at the Adelaide Convention Centre, fostering collaboration among safety, injury management, HR, and organisational development professionals. Key insights from Erma Ranieri, Commissioner, OCPSE, emphasised open communication and sector-wide coordination in addressing psychosocial risks. She emphasised, “normalising the conversation around psychosocial risks and hazards is critical … a common language, a shared language, is vital. We also need a coordinated approach supported by data to identify psychosocial hazards and manage psychosocial risks.” Future events, including an online version of “Working Together” and a Psychosocial Risk Assessment workshop, are planned for March. The People Matter Employee Survey, which aims to collect anonymous feedback from public sector staff about their experiences at work, will launch at the end of February. Results will help inform future public sector healthy workplaces initiatives.

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