Engaging HSR 1 Training

2 days ago

The training centred in on the core points of the material without getting too bogged down. Peter did a great job as a facilitator getting everyone to contribute and get engaged.

Peter set his training a mark ahead of the mundane by finding real world examples to illustrate his points and relating the material to the specific interests of the participants.

Also… you can’t complain getting your choice of food off the Christies Beach Hotel menu.

Michael Paterson

HSR Level 1 – What a great way to learn

2 days ago

I’d like to thank and commend Peter for making the 5 day training such an enjoyable experience.

Not only does Peter bring his vast knowledge from many industried into the classroom, he also did a great job encouraged each student to get involved. The group dynamic he fosters works really well to keep everyone engaged – Highly recommended for the HSR Level 1, I’ll be making sure to return to Peter for any future HSR training requirements.

The catering and the venue were amazing.

Michael V

Very informative and relaxed learning environment

1 week ago

Peter delivers his training in an engaging and enthusiastic way. He relates the training back to your individual workplace. His level of knowledge and experience is vast, having worked across many industries. Catering was top notch, who doesn’t love a pub lunch!

Joel Hedger

A Great way to learn

1 week ago

3 good days of learning. Peter created a safe and confidential learning environment where everyone is encouraged to contribute and share. Peter involved everyone which is a great change from other classes which are driven by Power Points. Up to date and relevant information and a very experienced facilitator. Peter is easy going and easy to get along with


Most engaging HSR Training Course

4 months ago

This course is well structured, covers all the necessary material to meet legislation/standards. Peter is very engaging, practical, experienced and keeps us actively involved during the session with recent case studies- had no troubles with staying awake. Definitely not death-by-powerpoint and not overly focusing on irrelevant material, made sure to be based on the most recent legislation and evidence base (even included the psychosocial issues).

Mary S

Superb Knowledge

4 months ago

Peter really knew everything about the subject matter and could answer all questions the group had , the amount of experience and knowledge really helped the group learn .

peter tritico

One of if the the best training course

4 months ago

I just finished the HSR level 1 course and have nothing but praise. Without a doubt, it was one of the best courses I have done. The layout and teacher methods are easy to understand, and the information is retained. His wealth of knowledge from work in many fields provides a number of examples to help give context to the course information. I will not only gladly return to do level 2 but also use Paragon for my other course in the near future.


HSR level 1

4 months ago

Just finished my HSR level 1 through Paragon with Peter, I found the whole 5 days to be very educational and informative, honest can say I learn a huge amount of legal liabilities that I had no idea about, Peter was very professional in every way and delivered his content in an all inclusive way, great interaction and involvement with all his students, thanks again Peter for sharing all your knowledge, looking forward to doing level 2 with you in the near future

Christopher Greene

5 day Level 1 HSR Course

4 months ago

A WHS course where you’ll actually learn something and be required to think!

I won’t lie, when I was finally forced to go and do my HSR training I shopped based on location. Going to a pub near home seemed like the best idea so I enrolled with Peter at Paragon without any thoughts that I might find the topic enjoyable.

Having previously completed a Cert IV in health and safety as well as countless other inductions, high risk work licenses, and task specific short courses (like chemical storage, electrical rescue, etc) on top of previous roles as a Safety Officer and National Operations Manager of a drilling contractor I didn’t foresee a week of WHS training as being an enjoyable way to spend my time.

I fully admit I was wrong!

Many things discussed weren’t new to me, but they had to be discussed and if they weren’t the other participants would not have learnt about them. Despite being topics I was familiar with Peter delivered them in an interesting and engaging way, sprinkling in his own anecdotes as well as encouraging the class to share and discuss their own examples.

He’s obviously a man who’s had a few different roles, but he’s certainly found his calling as a presenter / educator.

Having a high quality reference book to take back to work is an invaluable bonus. Hopefully most in my class never need to issue a stop work order or PIN but if they do the reference materials will certainly be handy to quickly brush up on the methodology.

Venue was top notch, learning environment was ideal, and Peter’s skills at ensuring all in the room engage were a wonder to behold.

I’ll definitely be back for level 2 and 3 and wouldn’t hesitate to consider Peter for the delivery of other training topics.


3 Day Level 2 HSR Training

4 months ago

This was my second lot of training through Peter and Paragon, having completed my Level 1 training the previous year. the sessions are always informative and delivered so well by Peter. Good interaction and discussion. The lunches are great too!

Tommy R

5 Day HSR Course

5 months ago

The course provided by Peter at Paragon WHS was excellently delivered and extremely informative. Peter’s natural teaching ability, professionalism and real world experience produced an education environment which many fail to do. I highly recommend choosing Paragon WHS to conduct your organizations HSR or other WHS training.

Alec Jackson


6 months ago

Well presented.

Covered all topics

Great venue

Mark scrymgour

Always very informative and supportive!

7 months ago

Peter runs excellent HSR training sessions and I always look forward to coming to them. He goes above and beyond for his students and is always very supportive. He has time for all his students, explains everything very easily and will ensure you understand everything, and have all the information you need, to tackle any work issue.

Katerina Gilson

Fantastic experience!

7 months ago

Just finished the Level 1 HSR training last week and couldn’t be more pleased with the experience. Peter managed to deliver a very interesting and engaging training which provided us the tools and confidence necessary to address the necessities of the role. All within a friendly atmosphere and superb location! Thanks Peter!

Mauricio Silva-Antonio


7 months ago

Peter is a very engaging lecturer/instructor and makes effort to provide examples from a number of workplaces in a variety of industries. You learn a lot just having conversations about safety with him and the other learners. Great setup and delivery method too.

Brendan Robinson

Very Informative!

7 months ago

I found this course to be very informative and engaging. The wealth of knowledge and experiences that Peter was able to share as an instructor has definitely helped to prepare me for my new role in WH&S.

Zoey Kollep

Very Interactive

7 months ago

Great 5 days with Peter, format is very interactive and engaging

Tia Guest

Highly recommended

7 months ago

Great Week Of Training, highly recommend Peter with his wealth of knowledge, presentation and experiences shared…

David Drabsch

The session was fantastic!

8 months ago

What a session!!

Peter, thank you for being too the point and not beating around the bush (it is exactly what they needed to hear). The Chain of responsibility and load restraint sessions were fantastic, generated lots of general constructive discussion on this topic. The depot walk was great, shows us how careless we can be without thinking we are. Great tips on what to do and how we can best plan for our future and what we can improve on with our restraint processes.


Long term helpful information

9 months ago

I did the HSR Training with ParagonWHS. Peter is an amazing instructor and due to his teaching it has not only helped me in my previous role where I was the Health and Safety Rep, but in my new role with a new company. I have been able to utilise what Peter taught me in providing WH&S feedback and helping current company in making improvements and notice WH&S risks I may have otherwise missed.

Highly recommend this training.


Excellent Level 3 HSR training course

10 months ago

2 day HSR training course with Peter at Paragon WHS and found this session a lot more engaging and informative than my first 2 years of HSR training with another provider.

Mark D

Refresher course just what I needed

11 months ago

Attended a 1-Day HSR refresher course with Peter and appreciated every aspect of the presentation. It helped blow the cobwebs off a few things I hadn’t used or referred to in a while and left me feeling more confident in my role as I head back to the workplace. Appreciated the engaging, semi-formal nature of the presentation which allowed the participants opportunities to discuss relevant situations and pertinent issues. Good resources too and the lunch was a bonus. Definitely recommended.


Excellent HSR training course

11 months ago

I just completed my Year 3 , 2 day HSR training course with Peter at Paragon WHS, and found this session alot more engaging and informative than my first 2 years of HSR training with another provider.

Peter uses alot of relevant examples and provides valuable feedback during group discussions on current workplace issues, which helps you understand your WHS obligations as a HSR.

I would certainly recommend Paragon for any HSR training.

Thanks again Peter!

Danielle – HSR

A comprehensive HSR course referencing a range of different industries.

11 months ago

Peter’s knowledge of the topics and attention to detail made the course interesting and informative.

I found hearing issues and situations from the other participants and their industries very beneficial.

Thanks to Peter’s training, I feel confident to undertake my HSR role.


Informative, Enlightening and Current

11 months ago

Knowledge was excellent, Peter was skilled in providing information that I know will be of great help to me when representing my work group.

I was so impressed with Peters passion, not only to deliver the training but his ongoing encouragement and efforts to include all participants to provide input. I gained so much from Peters experienced examples and the experiences examples of the other participants.

I appreciated doing this training with Paragon especially when materials presented covered some challenging situations.

Thank you again.


Engaging and loads of fun.

1 year ago

Paragons HSR training course gave me the knowledge and confidence to do the job, very engaging and loads of fun.

Theo from Busways

Highly recommended

1 year ago

Paragon provided me with the tools and knowledge needed to perform my duty as a health safety rep to the best of my ability. the course is informative and Peter delivers great training who is good at keeping people engaged, he has a great wealth of experience to learn from. followed by an amazing lunch. highly recommend for all work health safety needs.

From Nathan W, Youth Worker, HSR

Peter delivers great training

1 year ago

Paragon provided me with the tools and knowledge needed to perform my duty as a health safety rep to the best of my ability. the course is informative and Peter delivers great training who is good at keeping people engaged, he has a great wealth of experience to learn from. followed by an amazing lunch. highly recommend for all work health safety needs.

Nathan W Youth Worker HSR

Absolutely recommend Paragon

1 year ago

I would absolutely recommend Paragon, up to date with the consistent changes to the WHS Act and legislation, the method of teaching is involving students with open discussions relevant to topic. As adults this is a great way of teaching/learning which is more effective to understand and leave with new knowledge.

Peter connects with his students and is very approachable .

Value for money !!

Catering for lunch is exceptional no boring sandwiches or wraps offered with Paragon WHS training.

Eileen P Neighbourhood Centre Officer HSR

Delivery of the course was first class

2 years ago

I have had the pleasure of completing both my level 1,2 HSR courses with Peter his delivery of the course was first class drawing from professional and personal experience’s it was easy to follow and retain and as a result I have been able to implement several improvements in my workplace.

The knowledge and belief that Peter has for providing a safe and healthy workplace for everyone is reflected in the way he delivers the course and offering to support us after we have finished the course gave me the confidence to go back to my workmates and improve health and safety for them.

Health and safety representatives as far as I know don’t get any extra pay for doing this I know I certainly don’t and I knew that going in but the amount of respect I now have from my workmates more than makes up for it.

Daniel T Service Desk Officer HSR