Healthy Workplaces Service: Success That Speaks For Itself

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“The genuine care for staff health and wellbeing meant the partnership with the Healthy Workplaces Service was a perfect fit to support our wellbeing practices. The Healthy Workplaces Service has provided strong guidance for us by helping us understand where to focus our Healthy Workplace pledge and assist in the development of our recent staff wellbeing survey.  Our collaboration with Healthy Workplaces Service has certainly enhanced our understanding of staff wellbeing, further building on our workplace’s foundation of being an environment and culture where people want to come and work.”
Strategic Partnerships Manager
Sector: Age care and disability support; Business size: Large

“After moving into the Safety team as the Wellbeing Specialist, my new Leader informed me of some services that were provided in SA and that I should check them out. I came across the Healthy Workplaces Service and was amazed by the tools and resources, as well as the training that is provided as a free service. The team are really easy to deal with and I have found that by having conversations with them about my organisation has reassured me that I am making the best decisions for my team members to keep them engaged and safe.”
Wellbeing Specialist
Sector: Retail; Business size: Large

Why choose the Healthy Workplaces Service?
Our team of dedicated Healthy Workplaces Advisors comprises qualified professionals in health promotion, workplace health and safety, as well as business services. We go beyond generic recommendations, providing actionable strategies to enhance your workplace’s overall health, safety, and wellbeing whilst also fostering a sense of community and increasing productivity. Make the most of this free support to create a healthy workplace.

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