Manual Handling
and Ergonomics

Keeping your workplace safe and healthy


All workers are at risk of injury whether their work is physical, and involves manual handling, or whether they work at a desk, and face the risks that come with inactivity.  Nobody comes to work to get injured, and sound work practices can help avoid this.

Timing:  1.5 hour workshop

Who should attend:  All workers, supervisors, team leaders and managers who want to maintain safe work practices.

Workshop Overview:  Topics include:

  • Identification of issues
  • Risk assessment
  • Control options using hierarchy of control
  • Responsibilities of workers and managers under the WHS Act
  • Consultation
  • Reporting
  • Safe lifting techniques
  • Pushing and pulling techniques
  • Assess the work environment
  • Healthy job design
  • Manual handling code of practice
  • Questions and scenarios