Have your say on crane licensing under the model WHS laws

Safe Work Australia is seeking feedback on 6 proposals aimed at improving the high-risk work licensing framework for cranes.

The proposals include new licences, new experience requirements for crane operators, refinements to existing licences, and changes to the overall structure of crane licensing. Feedback can be provided through our online Consultation Hub or via email.

Information and evidence gathered as part of this public consultation will be used to inform improvements to the high-risk work licensing framework for cranes in the model WHS laws, noting that some of the proposals included in this paper may be subject to further analysis, including on the potential costs and benefits.

Please note the proposals included in the discussion paper and on the Consultation Hub are offered for consultation purposes only. They are subject to change in response to further evidence, policy analysis and feedback from consultation processes. Ultimately any regulatory changes are subject to agreement by Safe Work Australia Members and, where significant, WHS ministers.

Submissions are welcome from all stakeholders with an interest in the high-risk work licensing framework for cranes. We encourage businesses operating, supplying or manufacturing cranes, unions, workers, regulators, industry bodies, government departments, training providers and members of the public to provide their views.

We also encourage submissions from those involved in other high-risk work related to crane operations, particularly dogging and rigging work.

The consultation is now open, and submissions can be made online through Safe Work Australia’s Consultation Hub until 11:59 pm (AEST) on Wednesday 31 July 2024.