Managing the risk of family and domestic violence at work

Family and domestic violence can present in many forms, with significant impacts on a person’s health, safety and wellbeing.

It can become a WHS issue if the perpetrator makes threats, intimidates or carries out violence on a partner or family member at the workplace, including if working from home. This means considering things like public access to the workplace, workers working with a family member or intimate partner, and when a worker is moving between work locations, such as between work sites.

We published an information sheet that provides guidance to PCBUs on how these risks can be managed appropriately and sensitively. It has been updated to reflect changes to the Fair Work Act 2009 around entitlements to paid family and domestic violence leave.

“Workplaces can be a place of refuge for workers experiencing family and domestic violence and be a crucial source of social and economic support. But managing the risk of family and domestic violence at the workplace is complex. This information sheet aims to help businesses provide a safe environment for workers and information on where to seek further advice.”

Sarah Wood, Assistant Director, Psychosocial Policy