Topics explained – Agriculture – Work tasks and projects.

Agriculture is one of the most dangerous industries due to the nature and type of work being carried out. In South Australia 4.5% of the total workforce are employed in agriculture, yet almost 19% of workplace deaths occurred on farms between 2015 and 2017.

We understand that farms are more than workplaces: they’re also the family home. Our farm safety video series will help farmers, their families and workers address common risks and help keep everyone safe.

Child safety

Every year around 20 children under 15 years die on Australian farms. The major cause of fatal injuries are dams, farm vehicles and machinery.

Near misses

Don’t let poor safety practice become standard practice. Talking about near misses could save a life.

Tractor safety

Vehicles account for more than 75% of workplace deaths in the agriculture industry. Remembering a few key safety tips could save your life.