Topics explained – Aquaculture – Snorkel safety

As with any recreational water activity, there are significant and serious risks associated with snorkelling and diving.

To help snorkel and dive operators assess and reduce the risks, we’ve released Snorkel safety: A guide to business owners and workers as well as two snorkel safety posters: snorkelling and diving signals and flotation device options.

Snorkel safety: A guide to business owners and workers has been developed to help businesses better inform all workers involved in the dive and snorkelling industry of the risks associated with snorkelling and how their day to day activities contribute to the safety of all participants.

The guide also outlines legal obligations in the snorkelling industry and identifies a number of strategies that will reduce the potential for incident and injury.

Our snorkel safety posters are a great visual resource for use during briefings and to display in your vessel. The posters are translated into 12 languages and feature imagery that clearly demonstrates snorkelling and diving signals as well as the various flotation device options available.