How to stay safe while working from home

02 August 2023

Ongoing flexible working arrangements are among the few positive outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Data released in October 2022 shows that 2.5 million Australians worked from home on the day the last census was held. This was more than 20 per cent of the 12 million people working on 10 August 2021.

Fast-forward two years and the pandemic is over but hundreds of thousands of workers are still utilising the work-from-home opportunities that became mainstream in 2020.

Work Heath and Safety laws apply when workers work from home just as they do in traditional workplaces such as offices.

Safe Work Australia has published new resources on managing WHS risks when workers are doing computer-based work from home.

Working from home may change WHS risks or create new ones.

Safe Work Australia’s new materials provide practical guidance on how to meet WHS duties when workers work from home.

The resources include:

Download the resources for practical information on meeting your WHS duties when working from home.