New regulations protecting workers from psychosocial harm

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(14 December 2023)

New psychosocial regulations– external site under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 are coming into effect on 25 December 2023.  Psychosocial hazards are hazards that may cause psychological harm within the workplace. Examples range from excessive workloads, poorly managed change, exposure to traumatic events, and harmful behaviours such as bullying and harassment.

The regulations will help provide better guidance to employers and workers on how to manage the risk of psychological injuries in the workplace.  On average, work related psychological injuries have longer recovery times, higher costs and require more time away from work.  Managing the risks associated with psychosocial hazards not only protects workers but has positive benefits to organisational performance and productivity.

To assist workplaces to take a proactive approach in managing psychosocial risks within the workplace:

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