NHVR-Public interest disclosures

A public interest disclosure is a disclosure of information about suspected wrongdoing in the public sector.

Each jurisdiction has its own public interest disclosure (PID) legislation which provides a framework for the reporting of suspected wrongdoing and ensuring timely and effective investigation of disclosures.

The NHVR is committed to upholding the principles of the public interest disclosure legislation and to protecting disclosers from reprisal.

Examples of what a PID can be about include:

  • corrupt conduct
  • maladministration
  • substantial misuse of public resources.

How to make a PID to NHVR

  • emailing: PID@nhvr.gov.au
  • writing to: Legal Services, Public Interest Disclosure, National Heavy Vehicle Regulator at PO Box 492, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006 (please mark the envelope Private and Confidential)
  • calling: (07) 3309 8889 between 8am and 5pm AEST, Monday to Friday

Your identity and contact details will be protected as far as possible in accordance with the PID legislation.

If you wish to remain anonymous, this should be clearly stated in your correspondence. However, if you do not provide any contact details, the NHVR will not be able to acknowledge the PID or provide you with updates.

Making a PID to an external agency

You can also make a public interest disclosure to an independent complaint agency, e.g. the Office of the Ombudsman or anti-corruption body in your jurisdiction (such as the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission).

Further Information

More information about public interest disclosures can be found in the NHVR’s public interest disclosure policy and guidelines.